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Author Topic: Interesting Episodes  (Read 187 times)

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Interesting Episodes
« on: October 08, 2012, 04:43:15 pm »
Are there any episodes of the series that you find particularly interesting? As in, you really don't quite know what the make of them, because they aren't your average, ordinary episode, but they still kind of stand out, and are memorable in their own way?

I kind of feel this way about "Prunella Gets it Twice", because I don't really think anybody before or maybe even since has thought to explore such a thing on a kids show, but it DOES happen in real life, when someone gets the exact same present from more than one person, but they don't quite know how to react, and inevitably, someone's feelings get hurt. I think it made for a good story to show how callous Prunella was, without even realizing that someone (Francine) went through a lot of trouble, and put a lot of thought into the present for her; and it was also a nice little twist on the Christmas Carol story by having Prunella visited by two spirits to show her just what Francine went through to be able to afford the Polly Locket, because she knew how much she wanted one, and wanted to get one for her for her birthday, only to have her toss it aside, "Oh, another Polly Locket, I already got one". Nice resolution in the end too that Prunella gave the one Rubella gave her to Francine. Again, I think the concept was an interesting one to try and tackle on a kids show, and I think they did it pretty well.

After watching "Kiss and Tell" again today, I realize I think this is another one of those episodes that could fall into that category: I haven't given it a lot of thought, but I thought it was interesting how desperately D.W. wanted James to kiss her because she believed being kissed by a boy would turn her into a princess (because that's what Emily said)... I've never really known any little girls that age to go through so much trouble to get a boy to kiss her, though it does make sense that she only went to desperate measures because of her belief she would become a princess, which most little girls like the idea of. Still, it just seems like more little kids at that age would probably be more like the Tibbles were, and wanting to avoid kissing altogether, because of "cooties". I could see something like if any of the kids in Arthur's class wanted to "experiment" to see what kissing is like, that seems more believable as something kids that age would do (I know Recess did an episode like that). Now, that "D.W. Ties the Knot", or whatever it's called, that seems like a more logical concept, most little girls seem to be drawn to the idea of weddings and getting married and stuff, and I know it was played with in "D.W. Thinks Big", where Arthur said she was so excited about Aunt Lucy's wedding, that she started joining various things in the house in wedlock, like the furniture and the appliances and such.
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