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Author Topic: Arthur's Big Hit Thoughts  (Read 1645 times)


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Re: Arthur's Big Hit Thoughts
« on: July 29, 2014, 02:20:59 am »
Step 1: D.W. was punished off screen as far as I'm concerned and Step 2: I know how Arthur feels. I once got in trouble for something my own Mother said. When I was a kid, living in an apartment building, I saw my Mom picking a toy out of the toilet (it was either me, my sister Abriana, or my toddler brother Jonathan that put it in ther; I can't remember). She then exclaimed, "WHAT THE ****?!" It was right in my face, and because I was a child at the time, I thought it was funny. So I sat on the couch and started saying it over and over again to make me laugh. My Mom heard me and told me to stop saying that word, but I didn't listen because I was laughing too hard. Then in a fit of rage, she spanked me until the cows came home and sent me to my room to ball like the toddler I was. Sure, when your parents swear it's okay, but when you swear, you get a spanking (pretend I'm saying that in Kristoff's Sven's voice sarcastically). GAG ME!!! JUST GAG ME!!!! My butt was bruised and swollen because I said "****" and my Mom got away with it because she's a grown up. "But that's different, D.W. was told repeatedly that it was a model plane." (Again, sarcasm) Just like the Bible told her not to use profanity? Arthur's situation is the exact same scenario as my situation: I was punished for doing as much wrong as she did. "But she's the parent and you're the child." (Forgive me for yelling but...) THAT DOESN'T MEAN SHE GETS TO SWEAR RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER CHILD!!!!!!!! As a parent, you're supposed to set an example to your child. By deliberately say "****" right in front of them, you're setting a bad example. Monkey see monkey do, parent say child do. And no, my Dad didn't talked to her about it (or so I think), as far as I'm concerned, it's just between me and my Mom. And the worst part is, she still swears in front of us (not just me). She said "damn" right in front of us and didn't feel any regret. Do I think the episode is fair, almost; just as long as we assume D.W. was punished off screen. And yes, I regret laughing at my Mom saying "****", but to this day, I still think she should've been equally scolded for her actions; be it by my Dad or grandparents (she'll listen to them). That's all that I have to say, God bless.