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What happened to Jenna?

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I've just noticed that Jenna Morgan never appears anymore. She had an entire episode about herself but now I hardly ever see her in the new episodes.

Snowth Woogle:
Apparently fans don't like Jenna. Not only do they feel she's too similar to Francine (being a tomboy into sports and all), but they can't get past how "ugly" she is (the spaghetti hair, the human-shaped nose...)

A Lotta Moms:
I'd imagine the fact that she pees herself probably doesn't help too much, either.  :-[

Jenna just couldn't be developed into any character archetype that wasn't already used. We already had the jock (Francine) and the quieter kid (Fern) - Jenna usually fell into both of these archetypes, without much else to offer. Her last role (that I've seen anyways) portrays her in a more kindly light (the nuts episode), but it still offers nothing that more established characters couldn't pull off. I do think after 16+ seasons, Arthur could do with a change-up from the old Arthur gang - but that probably won't happen. The core characters are just too well ground into the show to really retire any of them.

I don't think she's a bad character, even if she was brought up by provocation in her two main episodes ("The Good Sport" and "Jenna's Bedtime Blues").

As for the bedwetting habit, that's fairly low-key in the Arthurverse. Buster is now known to suck his thumb, so what has Jenna got to lose?  ::)

Ladonna Compson:
jenna, jenna, jenna. we can miss her, but we sure dont. background characters are usually best left to fan animations and the like. (where are the arthur fans?!?!?!) i want to like jenna, she is just so very nice, which for once doesn't annoy me. but i dont really "miss" her.


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