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Author Topic: Mr. Ratburn  (Read 788 times)


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Re: Mr. Ratburn
« on: August 18, 2013, 10:26:03 pm »
I hate to 'bump' a thread, but here goes.

Mr. Ratburn was a favorite of mine. The way he was always exaggerated as a strict teacher by this students was priceless. The slightly anguished contrast against the "easy" classes was always funny - even amid Rodentia Ratburn filling in back in Season 1.
His fascination with puppets was an interesting look at his life outside of teaching - his premiere episode was one of the first I recall watching.
Arthur Holden did a great job with his voice - I especially liked Mr. Ratburn's manic cackle used in some episodes.

Mr. Ratburn's voice has always been one of my favorites in the series. It's always been fitting for him and it's never gone through annoying changes.

Also, bumping posts in this forum within the last month or two is usually OK, since this forum is not the most active. Just try to keep it to a minimum.