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Author Topic: Mature Kids  (Read 440 times)

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Re: Mature Kids
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:36:26 am »

That's the thing about cartoons, the kids always seem to behave a little more older than they really are, but you also have to keep in mind too, even though they have a specific target audience, they still want older kids and adults to be able to watch too: if the kids act like actual eight-year-olds, or if D.W. acted and spoke like an actual four-year-old, etc. then older people aren't going to want to watch, because then, it really would be a "kiddy" or a "baby" show.

In cases like Arthur, I think too by having the kids act a little older than they really are also helps with the educational value of the show: kids learn by example, and these characters are supposed to set examples, they make mistakes and learn from them, so kids watching are going to be pick up on that a little better.

As for the Tough Customers, I think having them act like teenagers is supposed to help the kids realize they're older kids, and when you're a little kid, older kids often come across as being mean and intimidating; it's really for emphasis, more than anything I believe.

As for Elwood City, it's like the Mayberry of children's entertainment: it's an extremely safe town, a very tight knit community, everybody knows everybody, there's no crime, not to mention the kids usually travel in groups or are under the eye of other trusted adults, and Elwood City really doesn't seem like as big a city as people make it out to be, so I don't see a problem in letting the kids wander around on their own. If it really was a big city like New York or Los Angeles, then yeah, that'd be a different ball game right there...
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