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Jane Read is hot

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Arthur and DW's mom is pretty sexy. She has a nice body especially after having three kids?  :o David Read has got to be one lucky guy to have such a hot wife.

Snowth Woogle:

It cracks me up whenever someone gets the hots for Mrs. Read. I have to admit, there was one early episode where she wore a business suit that really complimented her shape... I don't remember what it was though, I want to say it was "Arthur's Mystery Envelope", but that isn't it... I know she was walking D.W. home from preschool and she was annoyed about something... it may have been "So Long, Spanky".

Huh, I've never really heard of someone finding Jane attractive. Interesting.

Now you're going to put me on a mad chase to find attractive Arthur characters...  :P

Snowth Woogle:
I've heard some fans find some kind of attraction in Francine, though then again, that was a number of years ago on an IMDb board, and admittedly, IMDb is full of crazy people, lol.

Now, I'd argue that there's a little cuteness to Fern, but I think moreso with her in earlier episodes, when she's more shy and mousy... the cute streak kind of disappears as she becomes more outgoing... and especially when you upset her, and then she begins to show something of a passive aggressive side.

And of course, D.W. is a natural at mastering that, "Look at me, I'm such a cute lil' girl" front to get what she wants... I especially love how Arthur used that to his advantage in "Arthur's Snow Biz", Buster even saw past that scheme of his, "Getting your little sister to find you work? No fair! Who's going to say no to a four-year-old girl?" "No one!"

Buster And Molly Lover:
Boy even for a cartoon and a aardvark, She is a stunning Woman!  ;)


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