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Author Topic: D.W. Always Off the Hook  (Read 1140 times)


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Re: D.W. Always Off the Hook
« on: June 01, 2013, 03:54:39 pm »
I somehow liked Arthur's talking to Fern. Fern offered probably the most logical idea of all of his friends ("But she's just a little girl", with which I have to agree and can see some reasoning in there, as opposed to just condemning him with "Apologize to your sister" or "You're wrong"). Arthur replies with

Scratch that, the fact that D.W. was a little girl still doesn't justify her action. I think I liked this short exchange the most, only for the fact that Fern is more gentle, soft-spoken, and not too quick to condemn Arthur, unlike Francine or Muffy (both of whom I just can't stand, because of Francine's hypocritical moralizing and Muffy's snobbish disposition). So, yeah, Fern's probably one of the more tolerable of Arthur's friends during times like these.

When Arthur says that he's going to wreck her CD, he gets punished, while D.W., once again, gets to play Crazy Bus day in and day out.

Scratch that, too, I just rewatched the episode, and it turns out that her Crazy Bus CD was gone (accidentally taken by her parents). Though I'll bet anyone can say that she had that coming...I mean, SOMEONE had to take her CD, she deserved it!