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Snowth Woogle:
I'm asking for it with this thread (having been in the Alvin and The Chipmunks fandom, canon shippers and mixed shippers go to war with each other over such subject matter), but I have noticed that a number of Arthur fans like to try and figure out which of the characters eventually hook up with each other when they get older. I've noticed most people tend to think Arthur and Francine will get together, and I can see that kind of, aside from the episode that played with that idea ("Arthur and the Square Dance"), it does seem like once in a while, Francine will tease Arthur a little in a way girls seem to do when they like a boy.

What are your thoughts on potential couples? Here's what I see:

On the subject of Francine, if not Arthur, I could see her questioning her orientation, so to speak, and possibly having hidden feelings for Muffy (their shared daydream in "Arthur and the True Francine" where they think of themselves as literally a match made in Heaven is enough to tickle your mind in that department). If Muffy ever found out, though, she would probably be repulsed.

I can definitely see Binky and Sue Ellen getting together in the future... their friendship seems to be rather unique, I think it dates back to "Bully for Binky"; "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary" seems to play with the idea as well, but overall, they just seem to have these little "moments" throughout the series, like notice whenever something involves the gang, Sue Ellen usually seeks out Binky first.

Brain and Fern seem like they could make an interesting pair with them both being the smarter students in their class.

Alex and Maria?

I like Buster/Fern because I thought the episode where they were detectives was cute.
I'm also mainstream by liking Arthur and Francine.

Alex and Maria are possibly the most obvious when it comes to couples. Brain and Lydia same story as well. I could actually see that happening with these characters if the series ever did something that involved couples or girlfriends.

Snowth Woogle:
Buster/Fern... that's interesting. Not sure if I could see that one playing out myself, I think perhaps Buster would be a little "too weird" for Fern's taste, lol.

Snowth Woogle:
Wow GrebeGirl... you blew my mind!  :o

That love quadrangle idea there, that should totally be a fanfic, I'm serious!

You do have a point with Francine/Brain, their friendship is indeed rocky at times, and like you say, it's almost similar to husband-wife bickering... I remember one episode where Arthur started the show by actually instigating a debate between the two of them, funny stuff.

And EVERY body says Buster is going to end up in the closet! XD I've never really given Buster that much though, only other I like to think back on a twistedly funny fanfic I read once where in high school, he was such a stoner, and did a book report on a book about colors, babbling on and on and on and on about how he had yet to, "Master the wonders of secondary colors". It does make me wonder though, how exactly would Arthur initially react to finding out that Buster was in the closet?

Prunella/Marina might be interesting too... hmm...

And good lord, I can't believe I'm hearing/reading D.W. and love triangles in the same sentence! XD This would have to require some thinking of older ages, like with the others, because at that age, I can't see something like that happening, particularly in the "Kiss and Tell" episode, where both Tibbles having cootie scares when they jumped to the conclusion that D.W. wanted to kiss them.


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