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Author Topic: Carl  (Read 732 times)


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Re: Carl
« on: May 16, 2014, 05:56:15 pm »
This is my opinion on Carl: I LOVE HIM AND THINK HE'S COOL!  And I'm glad he's a character on Arthur.  I hoped they'd do an episode of a character with Asperger's Syndrome since they did episodes of other things like Dyslexia, Asthma, Cancer, Bed-Wetting, and many other things though not related to health.  I'd mention Alzheimers but I hoped for this back in 2009 or 2010 and I had stopped watching Arthur in March 2009 and didn't resume until January 2012 (except briefly in May 2009).

Anyway I like Carl because he's a rabbit and rabbits are my most favorite animals in the world, as are cats, although I like the rabbits on Arthur more than the cats.  I also like Carl because I can relate to him, I have Asperger's Syndrome too, no lie, I really do.  And you know what else me and Carl have in common?  We both like trains.  Well, I like railroad crossings, especially with flashing lights and gates, I don't know about Carl on that one and I'd like to find out as they've only shown one episode of him liking trains.

Carl has made some reappearances after "The Missing Puzzle Piece" and "Buster Spaces Out"  These are his other appearances as far as I know according to Arthur Wikia:

  • Baseball Blues
  • Ladonna Compson: Party Animal (cameo)
  • Go Fly a Kite

Hopefully he'll make more appearances in the future, I really like him.