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Snowth Woogle:
One thing I've kind of been wondering about Buster's dad, but why exactly was he redesigned for PFB? I remember previously, whenever he saw him, either in imagine spots, old photos, or brief glimpses where we see Buster joining him on one of this trips, he pretty much looked like an adult version of Buster, but for PFB, he looks like a creepy albino man with bunny ears sticking out the top of his head... what was up with that?

Ladonna Compson:
in "arthur," you only saw his ears, it was a running gag, (except it wasn't really funny, and no-one really cared...) and in PFB he looked like the slenderman. I don't know why.

that's probably why i stay away from that show.  :o uuugh. weird.

Bionic Bunny:
Probably because that by the time that production had started for the actual PFB show,the animation/production studio had changed from CINAR to Cookie Jar Entertainment.I know AKOM also animated Arthur until Season 12 when ASHK took over.Dunno who animated PFB though,but whoever did and Cookie Jar are probably who we can blame for Buster's father looking creepy/weird.

Snowth Woogle:
Here's a couple of other teases from ARTHUR, specifically, "Buster's Back" and "1001 Dads":

I too thought that Buster's father in Postcards from Buster the Series he looked just like a human with rabbit ears.  I had trouble, and sort of still have trouble, believing he is a rabbit, although I know he is.  I wasn't in love with his look in P.F.B. the series, but I'm okay with it now.  He, I'm sorry, looked a little ugly in P.F.B. the Arthur Episode.   He looked kind of like an old man (Not That I Think Old People are Ugly) but I'm glad his physical appearance changed in PFB the series.  I did like his original appearance and would have been fine with that but I do like his newest look.  I just don't like that much that he looks like a fake rabbit.

Side Note, I'm new to this forum and this is my very first post but in reply form.


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